Welcome. This is the start of my sci-fi writer’s blog,

You are either here, because I know you personally, you are interested in Sci-fi writing yourself or you like my stories. Either way, I would recommend reading other blogs (see: links/inspiration soon), they are a good read, you’ll probably run into some nice stories along the way and if you are an aspiring writer like myself, you’ll learn a lot.

I learned a thing or two myself reading other people’s stuff and even posts labeled “How to become…” are useful, since there are most definitely some clichés, you simply can’t avoid. I was cynical at first, yet in only a few months time I’ve seen several of these aspects happen before my eyes. I’ll probably get back on that in other posts.

I feel that putting this on paper makes me realize that writing is a hobby of mine I truly love and that it is something I want to get better at. See it as: self-reflective and self-motivating. Reading this later on will help me realize what I’ve learned and what there is to learn. Maybe even to remember myself of ideas I’ve had and stories I’ve developed in my head. Inspiration I have plenty, always have, yet converting that into a story that is fun to read, is something you’ll have to learn. Later I will post about new sources of inspiration, new ideas and the struggles and experiences of being a writer (It’s not that bad).

This is starting point of this blog, because a little while ago, I submitted my first short story (1130 words) to an online publisher. Which means onfortunately for you, this story is still a secret. I submitted my story to dailysciencefiction.com by the way, a source of other people’s stories, I could really recommend. The prospect of my story being reviewed, scanned, read, is something I have to get used to. For now the prospect is mostly exciting.

Recently, when I decided short stories is something I had to try, I walked right into a trap many writer’s come across (I imagine). Falling in love with a particular setting or flavor, makes it hard to keep variety in your characters or storielines. Each story should have its own point of view, its own specialties. My first ‘finished’ story is about a topic I love. What would happen, in the probably distant future, if we can understand a person’s mind and brain and make his or her fantasy, the dreams, every single thought, every ounce of inspiration, completely analysable? What would that mean for your social life, or as an employee? How much would a person’s life be worth? I believe this is the core of what this short story is about. I titled it ‘Mind Factories’.

Call me cautious, but I suspect it won’t be published right away. There’s no shame in that. Actually, I just hope to get some nice feedback so that I can develop myself as a writer. Especially, since until now I mostly worked on my try at a novel and short stories is definitely something new for me.

I hope I can share this story with you soon,

Thanks for reading,



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