Unfortunately, my first submitted story did not get published. They liked it, yet they felt that their platform was not in need of such a story. This can be a hard one to swallow, but I felt reasonably satisfied. The reasons: Firstly, I know I like this kind of story and that I still need lots of practice, secondly, I have plenty of inspiration for new stories and ideas on how to improve myself. Especially the second part is crucial, as I’ve recently found out writing Illustro. Sometimes, you just don’t have the right ideas and still putting them on […]

Welcome. This is the start of my sci-fi writer’s blog, You are either here, because I know you personally, you are interested in Sci-fi writing yourself or you like my stories. Either way, I would recommend reading other blogs (see: links/inspiration soon), they are a good read, you’ll probably run into some nice stories along the way and if you are an aspiring writer like myself, you’ll learn a lot. I learned a thing or two myself reading other people’s stuff and even posts labeled “How to become…” are useful, since there are most definitely some clichés, you simply can’t avoid. […]